crazy ladies

"An outrageous comic ride of emotion"

Cast: 5 female and 1 male actors.  
Length: 2 Acts (110 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Pamela Browne has organized a 25-year reunion for her four best High school friends. From the moment Kay, now a chocoholic gun toting funeral director arrives the wheels begin falling off Pamela’s meticulously planned weekend. Sandy has got her wires crossed and arrived in fancy dress like a Nun. By the time she realizes her mistake, it’s too late, and she has to live the lie. The chaotic Dianne who married the school nerd and is now the proud mother of eight sons, who are all part-time assassins, has a broken arm. The daughter of Rachel arrives; declares her mother is dead and sets about digging up whatever dirt she can on her mother. The greasy motel janitor, Shaun, is more than a familiar face.
Rachel Jr disappears – along with Sandy’s money. Dianne wants a funeral so that she can be the star of her own show. Kay, who is a funeral director, has a coffin in her hearse and can’t see why not. Sandy’s masquerade as Nun is put to the test as she is commissioned to run the funeral. Somehow the funeral service is ridiculous and warm hearted.
Laughter turns to shock with the arrival of Rachel Sr, alive and well, having finally tracked down the motel after her delinquent daughter had stolen the invitation. The Crazy Ladies are finally reunited, and now it’s time for their “crazy’ to really get going. Having gossiped about the men in their lives, Kay declares there is only one thing for it. If Dianne can have her funeral then Kay can have her court case – her proposition is that men are the cause of all the world’s problems. The sides are drawn up. Kay and Rachel are the Prosecution; Dianne and Pam the Defense. The judgement will be made by her holiness Sandy. The madcap trial begins and laughs abound until Kay reveals that the hotel janitor is no other than the guy who got Rachel pregnant as a teen. Suddenly the situation takes a dark turn as Rachel must come to turns with her past and Shaun avoid a possible castration!
This outrageous comedy is a rollercoaster ride of emotion.



5 Female / 1 Male

Dianne Bartlet: Neck brace and two broken arms, clumsy, dizzy, not too smart, mother of eight. Married to the school nerd. Homemaker. Secret smoker.
Sandy: Dressed as a nun. Good sense of humor and a mostly well adjusted individual.
Rachel (Jr) Simpkin: Daughter of apparently deceased mother. Rebellious teenager.
Rachel (Sr) Simpkin: Original member of the gang. Formerly best friend of Kay.
Kay: Chocoholic. Funeral director, street smart, a little rough around the edges.
Pamela Browne: Organizer of the weekend, career woman, 8 weeks pregnant (not noticeable), obsessively ordered and clean. Dressed in a women’s business suit.
Shaun Phillips: Motel employee. Former high school stud who is a shadow of his former self.
Note: Both Rachel Jr and Rachel Snr are played by the same actor.

what the critics are saying

"Crazy Ladies by Devon Williamson is a fast paced hilarious comedy centered around a 25 year reunion with friends."


Grenfell Theater - Australia
Douglas Theatre - Australia
ACT 1 Theatre - Australia
On Broadway Little Blackbox Theater - USA
The Hills Players - Australia
Casanova Productions - New Zealand
Emerald Theatre - Australia
Phoenix Players - New Zealand
Hawera Theatre - New Zealand
Detour Theatre (Encore season)  - New Zealand
Detour Theatre - Premier Season - New Zealand