My Husbands Nuts

"Barbara's husband is nuts"

Cast: 3 female and 2 male actors.  
Length: 2 Acts (110 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Barbara's husband and local farming legend is missing on the family farm. When Jack finally returns home he is a paranoid, nervous wreck and will not leave the house... he is convinced that he is Hiroo Onoda - a Japanese soldier holding out on an island after World War Two. Barbara's husband is nuts. With Jack due to give the opening speech at the local Agricultural Show this weekend, Barbara has to rely on three unlikely candidates to restore Jack's mind: Charlie, her dimwitted daughter who has just returned home from the city; Terry, the local vegan and domestic alarm installer who has aspirations for the secret service; and Jo, the veterinary doctor who is new in town and looking for her first client. Before long Jack has assigned each one of them the identity of Hiroo Onoda's accomplices and is stalking imaginary enemies throughout the house. In the midst of this chaos, Charlie and Terry fall in love, Barbara bakes 500 muffins for the Agricultural show, and Jo finds the book that has inspired Jack's madness. A brilliant plan is hatched. Terry will dress up as Onoda's commanding officer, Taniguchi, and, just like in the book, he'll deliver the news to Onoda (Jack) that the war is over, and thus return Jack back to his right mind. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! Jack attacks Terry and, in a mad effort to save him, Jo whacks Jack over the head with a frying pan. Terry is saved, and Jack's knock to the head shocks him back to reality, just in the nick of time. Barbara's husband is returned to her. Charlie's found her perfect match in the equally dimwitted Terry. Jo now has the most influential farmer in the district as her first client. And Jack will open the agricultural show. Brimming with surprises, laugh out loud comedy and Williamson's trademark sense of the ridiculous, My Husband's Nuts has delighted audiences in many theaters.



3 Female / 2 Male

Jack Fitzgerald – local farmer and living legend in the community, husband to Barbara. After a knock to the head he is convinced that he is Hiroo Onoda - a Japanese soldier holding out on an island after world war Two
Barbara Fitzgerald – local farmer, wife to Jack – becomes Kozuka (another Japanese soldier) in Jacks mind.
Charlie (Charlotte) – daughter to Jack and Barbara. Childhood friends with Terry. Constipated. – becomes Shoichi Shimada (another Japanese soldier) to Jack.
Jo/Joe – Vet, just graduated, looking to establish her/his self in the community – becomes Norio Suzuki (another Japanese soldier) in Jacks mind.
Terry McCloud – local home alarm installer with dreams of law enforcement– becomes Yuichi Akatsu (the Japanese "deserter") in Jacks mind. Childhood friends with Charlie. A Vegetarian, the kind that has to tell everyone. Socially awkward.

what the critics are saying

"My Husband’s Nuts!’ delivered some well received slapstick moments, and a clever storyline carried outstandingly by the cast."
- Bay of Plenty Times

"If you’re looking for comic relief and quality acting, go see ‘My Husband’s Nuts.’"


The Rainbow Players - Australia
Onewhero Theatre - New Zealand
Takaka Theatre - New Zealand
Mercury Theatre - Australia
Emerald Theatre - Australia
Geraldine Theatre - New Zealand
Wakefield Theatre - New Zealand
Hunua Theatre - New Zealand
Mana Little Theatre - New Zealand
Detour Theatre - New Zealand
Casnova Productions - New Zealand