Lost for words

"Hilarious and warm hearted comedy"

Cast: 2 female and 2 male actors.  
Length: 2 Acts (100 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Bob Marley and Robert Schumann, you couldn’t get two musicians more different. But the two collide head-on on the playlist of Classical Music FM, the radio station at the centre of this hilarious and warm-hearted comedy. Radio Announcer Edwin Miles is conservative, intellectual and dull, so dull in fact that his daily 6-hour long classical music radio show has absolutely no listeners, and, as his nervous Station Manager points out if any were to die there’d be negative listeners. It’s definitely not a data entry error, the ratings don’t lie, no one is listening. Determined not to be sent home to head office in Germany, Station Manager Janet takes drastic action and employs the town’s latest up and coming radio personality. The only problem is that he’s a middle-aged white guy who calls himself Bongo and is convinced he is Jamaican. Classical Music FM is about to be transformed into Radio Reggae. Understandably the change and the invasion by a man who is his very antithesis comes as a huge shock to the pompous Edwin who does everything he can to keep the status quo while his job and his marriage slip further and further from his grasp. But with the indomitable and ever optimistic Bongo Edwin finds friendship, self-discovery, the courage to add some spice to his marriage, and Bob Marley. Edwin realises that there is more to music, and life than Schumann. He’s going to have to let go of everything he’s known and held dear to start a new adventure.
Full of surprises and wacky characters (including a mute receptionist) Lost for Words is a hilarious rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and comic madness.



2 Female / 2 Male

Edwin Miles: Radio announcer for Classical Radio, 40’s – 50’s in age.
Bongo: Announcer for Radio Reggae, 30’s – 40’s in age.
Janet: Station manager, 40’s or 50’s in age, German with strong accent.
Kate: Mute Station Receptionist, 30’s – 50’s in age.

what the critics are saying

"This comedy will have you aching from laughter. Not to be missed."
Classic Hits, 95 FM

"Lost for Words is cleverly written and the talented cast make easy work of delivering great comedy."
"Hilarious and warm-hearted comedy."


Detour Theatre - New Zealand