Menopause Made me do it

"Hilarious... poignant... utterly mad!"

Cast: 5 female and 1 male actors.  
Length: 2 Acts (110 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: It has been ten years since the last Crazy Ladies reunion. In this time children have mostly grown up and left home. Sandy’s husband has died, and she has become a minister of a church. Kay has left the funeral business, is running a chocolate factory and has been in a relationship with a mystery man. Pamela has joined the “Slow Movement” to find inner peace and Rachel is a daring travel writer. Dianne is now in a wheelchair. The women assemble together at a motel for their reunion; but who has issued the invitations? This is no reunion - it's a kidnapping! Kay's mystery boyfriend, Shaun, has lured the Crazy Ladies to the motel in a desperate effort to convince them to convince Kay to marry him. It doesn't take long for Shaun to realize that this is a huge mistake and he's going to be lucky to survive this. No one messes with the Crazy Ladies! If he can't prove himself he's in for a world of pain. Unexpectedly, Shaun's reckless venture starts to pay off as he proves that he might just be the right kind of madman to be matched up with the volatile and reckless Kay. It's time for Pamela, Sandy, Rachel and Dianne to play matchmakers for Kay and Shaun, but in order to do this, they're going to have to lure Kay into their own trap and conduct the wedding in Kay's signature colors – military camouflage. Filled with hilarious comic hi-jinks and outrageous madcap humor, Menopause Made Me Do It surprises with moments of sensitivity and pathos. The premiere season sold out, then played to a sellout encore season, and has been selling out in theaters ever since. While this is the second of the “Crazy Ladies” plays it can be played independently of the first play. 
Menopause Made Me Do It regularly produces sellout seasons. 



5 Female / 1 Male

Dianne Bartlet: Dizzy, not too smart, and completely outrageous.
Sandy: Church Minister. She has a good sense of humor and is a mostly well adjusted individual.
Rachel Simpkin: Original member of the gang. Formerly best friend of Kay.
Kay: Chocoholic tom-boy, street smart, more than a little rough around the edges.
Pamela Browne: A woman in a constant state of high stress trying unsuccessfully to relax and smell the roses.
Shaun Phillips: Long suffering boyfriend to Kay.

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Opunake Theatre - New Zealand
Foxton Little Theatre - New Zealand
Phoenix Players - New Zealand
Cambridge Repertory - New Zealand
Riccarton Players - New Zealand
Detour Theatre (encore season) - New Zealand
Detour Theatre - premiere season - New Zealand